We offer following eyelash services: 

InLei Lash Filler 

InLei Lash Filler is an exclusive eyelash service which includes eyelash curling, coloring and moisturizing lashes with keratin that promotes the lash growth. InLei is the latest method of eyelash lamination. The diameter of the lash hair can increase by 24%.

InLei ripsmete lamineerimine

The InLei lamination is a good solution if you don´t want to have extensions or are allergic to extensions glue or you have very thin eyelashes.

InLei ripsmete lamineerimine

Source: https://inlei.co.uk

Lash lift 

Lash Lift – it is an eyelash curling service, which result stays about 6-7 weeks. All the chemicals and products we use for this service are tested and usually don´t cause any allergies. Your eyelashes can be curled after every 1.5 months, often than that is not recommended. Lash lift procedure takes about one hour.

The Lash lift is a painless procedure. Depending on the length of the lashes, you can choose a roller between S-XL sizes. We place the curling rollers to the eyelids, then apply a gel that softens the lash structure and after that a curl-fixing gel. At the end of the procedure we can also color your eyelashes to give it a bigger effect. After procedure we definitely recommend using moisturizing serums or castor oil.

Lash Lift InLei Ripsmete Lamineerimine
Classic and volume eyelashes extensions 

In our salon work together young technicians and professionals, so you can be sure that we offer quality services. Classic extensions – one extension is applied on natural eyelash.  Volume eyelash – multiple extensions are applied on natural eyelash.Technicians are separately trained for that technique.

In order for the eyelash extensions to remain beautiful, the treatment must be performed after every 3 weeks. 

Extensions are for you:

  • if you don´t want to waste the time for applying and removing the mascara every day;
  • if you are tired of mascara getting smudged;
  • if you want to look younger – usually it removes about 3-5 years from person´s age :);
  • if you want to look prettier – in our opinion, lash extensions make any woman more prettier.

Tips for BEFORE and AFTER of installing eyelash extensions:

  • Come with clean eyelashes, don´t put on any mascara
  • Try to make water based procedures (e.g hair washing) before the installation, as you can’t make the extensions wet for 24 hours 
  • Don´t make the extensions wet for 24 hours (no sauna, spa, eye washing etc)
  • Try to avoid oily creams and serums
  • Be gentle with the eyes, don´t rub them
  • Get yourself a proper eyelash comb

After extensions are applied, you need to take care for them after every 3 weeks, to remain them beautiful. We also recommend using the eyelash comb and foam 1-2 times a week, as the extensions last better on clean eyelashes.