Kristina Ilutuba / Lauteri 5

We are located in the city centre of Tallinn – A. Lauteri 5. Just ring a bell outside for ‘’Kristina Ilutuba´´ and then come to the 5th floor. Welcome!

You can book a time over here: If you don’t find any suitable time or if you have questions, then call us +372 5699 6000 (we answer the phone Monday-Saturday 9:00-17:00). We are opened longer, but we are answering the calls until 17.00.



In front of our salon is the zone of ´´südalinn´´. If you want to avoid paying for expensive parking, then here are some solutions for you:

Stockmann´s parking house:

Parking fee 1,5 € / 30 min.

If you have Stockmann loyalty card, then you can park there for free for 2 hours. It is opened Monday-Saturday 8.50-21.00, Sunday 9.50-21.00.

Imanta 8 Barking parking lot

Parking fee 0,45 € / 30 min. 3 € / 24h

Europark next to the Olympic hotel:

Parking fee 1 € / 30 min, 10 € / 24 h

Estonian Business School (EBS) parking lot

Parking fee 0.85 € / 30 min, 6.95 / 24 h

Kristina Ilutuba / Meistri 16

The Mustamäe salon is located at Meistri 16 street (next to the Rucola restoran). We are located on the second floor, in room 209. To open the doors, use the combination 209#.

You can book a time over here: You can call us also +372 5699 6000 (Monday-Saturday 9-17)



You can park the car in front of the building or in the Rucola restoran parking lot. Parking is free.