We offer following eyebrow services:

  • coloring (also Henna colors)
  • Eyebrow modelling
  • Eyebrow waxing / plucking

Henna colors

Henna is a natural eyebrow color that gives a more lasting result than ordinary chemical color. The color lasts longer on the skin and hair than a regular permanent color (chemical color), about 5-21 days. Henna has different choice of colors: pearl blonde, light blonde, light chestnut (natural brown), natural light brown, cold coffee, intense gray-brown and black.

At the procedure, firstly we model and tint the eyebrow and then we wax or pluck them.

We think that 2020 trend in eyebrows are naturality. Neat and maintained eyebrows are in!

We recommend using chemical colors for those who have thick eyebrows and just want to add some color to it. Henna colors are more for those, who want to have a thicker result.